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About Amundsen Science

Amundsen Science is responsible for the scientific mandate of the Canadian research icebreaker CCGS Amundsen. Amundsen Science maintains and operates the ship’s central pool of scientific equipment, coordinates the deployment of the icebreaker for science, provides technical support at sea for user programs, and manages data from the central science systems. The Amundsen’s pool of specialized equipment includes 80 scientific systems and 22 on-board and portable laboratories that can accommodate the needs of oceanographers of all kinds and atmosphere and ocean specialists. This equipment must be maintained, developed and used with the support of a highly qualified technical
team, made up of various instrumentation professionals.

Job Opportunity

Amundsen Science is currently seeking a motivated technician to meet its needs in the operation and maintenance of the systems of the ship’s central scientific equipment fleet. This position will bring you to work aboard a Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker with a highly experienced team of Arctic technicians, professionals and researchers.

Job Summary

The technician will work under the co-supervision of the executive director and ship’s equipment manager and in close collaboration with other technicians of the team. The responsibilities of the position are as follows :

  • Working in a team setting to install, repair, calibrate, maintain and store various scientific instruments and systems before, during and after the annual Amundsen Expedition in the Canadian Arctic.
  • Working in a team to update the equipment inventory (keeping track of new equipment, maintenance and repair requirements, in particular for the aforementioned systems).
  • Participation in the mobilization and demobilization of (all) oceanographic equipment for the annual Amundsen Expedition.
  • Participation in annual Amundsen Expedition (4 to 8 weeks) as the main instrumentation technician for all systems of the Amundsen’s central pool of scientific equipment: responsible for monitoring equipment maintenance and repairs, support operations and user training, and supervision of trainees.
  • Ensure as a team the network and computer interfacing between the different scientific systems of the ship and help to solve the problems encountered.
  • Participation in the writing of operational reports for annual expeditions detailing data sampling procedures, equipment problems encountered and troubleshooting techniques applied.
  • Support scientific researchers and students from the Amundsen’s community in achieving their scientific objectives during the at-sea missions.
  • Support other members of the Amundsen’s technical team at sea and on land as needed.


  • Diploma in instrumentation or equivalent (e.g., electronic degree, electronic or computer engineering, technician in applied oceanography)
  • Electronic skills and skills in the use of diagnostic tools.
  • Computer and networking skills and optimization of associated systems.
  • Programming and general mechanical skills would be an asset.
  • Experience in maintenance, installation and/or operation of oceanographic equipment. A candidate without experience with these systems could be considered.
  • Willingness to work 4 to 8 weeks per year at sea in the Canadian Arctic Ocean
  • Excellent ability to work independently and in a dynamic team
  • Ease of adaptation and ability to solve problematic situations creatively
  • Class 5 driving license
  • Be willing to live and work in Quebec


Amundsen Science is based out of Université Laval in Quebec City, Canada. The position also involves work at sea and alongside the research icebreaker CCGS Amundsen (4 to 8 weeks per year). Despite working in a French-speaking environment, many tasks related to this job will be carried out in English. Both English and French verbal and written communication skills are essential.

Working Conditions

Salary to be determined based on experience and skills, according to the salary structure of Amundsen Science. Social benefit package available and collective pension plan. Professional training available if required. Starting date: Janvier 2024, flexible. Full time. Annual contract, renewable.

Position opened until filled. Submit your CV and cover letter to:
Amundsen Science – OINT
Université Laval

In accordance with stipulated requirements regarding immigration in Canada, priority will be given to Canadian citizens as well as permanent residents of Canada

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