Oceanographic Mooring Technician

About Amundsen Science

Amundsen Science is responsible for the scientific mandate of the Canadian research icebreaker CCGS Amundsen. Amundsen Science maintains and operates the ship’s central pool of scientific equipment, coordinates the deployment of the icebreaker for science, provides technical support at sea for user programs, and manages data from the central science systems. The Amundsen’s pool of specialized equipment includes 80 scientific systems, encompassing a large pool of mooring instrumentation and equipment. An important component of Amundsen Science’s mandate is the technical and logistical
support to user programs for the deployment and recovery of sub-surface oceanographic moorings in strategic locations of the Canadian Arctic and Subarctic seas.

Job Opportunity

Amundsen Science is currently seeking motivated and experienced mooring technicians to meet its needs in the planning, maintenance, field deployment/recovery of subsurface moorings and data quality control. This position will offer the chance to work aboard a Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker with a highly experienced team of Arctic technicians, professionals and researchers.

Job Summary

The technician will work under the co-supervision of the executive director and ship’s equipment manager and in close collaboration with other technicians of the team. The responsibilities of the position are as follows:

Mooring Design:

  • To plan the mooring data collection in collaboration with user programs based on identified
    science requirements.
  • To plan and design oceanographic mooring arrays according to scientific requirements.
  • To select mooring instrumentation to be purchased based on scientific needs.
  • To ensure that all the necessary equipment for building, deploying and recovering moorings is purchased.

Management of Mooring Maintenance and Calibration procedures:

  • To ensure that all instruments are maintained and calibrated before, during and after the annual Amundsen Expedition.
  • To carry out mooring equipment maintenance and repair in-house when necessary.
  • To maintain the inventory of mooring equipment (keeping track of new equipment, maintenance and repair requirements).

Mooring Data Processing and Quality Control:

  • To conduct the quality control and preliminary analysis of data along with metadata from the various mooring instruments.
  • Continuous modification of procedures and software to increase efficiency and to respond to instrument/software updates and advancements.
  • To transfer processed, QC-ed data to the Amundsen Science Data Manager for data archiving.
  • Produce a data QC report identifying any data quality issues within the dataset.

At-Sea Operations:

  • Mobilization and demobilization of mooring equipment for annual expeditions at sea, up to 2 X 4 weeks at-sea per year and sea trials.
  • Program mooring instrumentation, assemble mooring lines, and extract data at sea.
  • Lead the deployment and recovery of moorings at sea in collaboration with the Canadian Coast Guard crew.
  • To prepare detailed technical reports for each expedition detailing: mooring design, calibration and at-sea procedures, data quality, instrument problems, processing steps and outputs.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • Degree in ocean engineering, metrology, oceanography, or a related field.
  • Experience with oceanographic mooring design, maintenance and deployment for science applications, or the equivalent.
  • Willingness to live and work in Quebec City.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  • Expertise in oceanographic mooring design for science applications
  • Expertise in the operation, maintenance, and calibration of a variety of mooring instruments and equipment such as, but not limited to, current meters, Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers, CTD, sediment traps, hydrophones, acoustic releases, floatation and anchoring systems, etc.
  • Expertise in at-sea deployment and recovery of moorings.
  • Excellent leadership skills and ability to work as part of a cohesive team.
  • Expertise in electronics.
  • Expertise in computer programming and software (MatLab and Git).
  • Good working ability in English (oral & written).
  • Willingness to learn basic French and to work in a francophone environment.


Amundsen Science is based out of Université Laval in Quebec City, Canada. The position also involves work at-sea and alongside on the research icebreaker CCGS Amundsen (4 to 8 weeks per year in general). Despite working in a French-speaking environment, many tasks related to this job will be carried out in English. Both English and French verbal and written communication skills are essential.

Working Conditions

Salary to be determined based on experience and skills, according to the salary structure of Amundsen Science. Health benefit package available and collective pension plan. Professional training available if required.

Starting date: January 2024, flexible. Full time. Annual contract, renewable.

Position opened until filled. Submit your CV and cover letter to:
Amundsen Science – OMT
Université Laval

In accordance with stipulated requirements regarding immigration in Canada, priority will be given to Canadian citizens as well as permanent residents of Canada.