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Unique datasets for open science

The collection of data in the Arctic requires important logistical and financial means. Guided by the principles of open science, our organization is committed to maximize data usage by delivering publicly available quality-assured and quality-controlled data to support cutting-edge research. Data collected from the Amundsen’s central pool of equipment during the annual expedition can provide useful insights on the state of the Arctic climate, on oceanographic and meteorological conditions and on the biodiversity of the ecosystem.

We look forward to following the scientific outcome of the Annual Amundsen Expedition, and to hearing about the work of expedition participants, collaborators, and data users. Please send the reference of your publications to when available.

Data policy

Management of our data

Amundsen Science data policy intends to ensure proper data management of the data collection under its responsibility, and to support research programs collecting data aboard the Amundsen. Our data policy is guided by the Data Management Principles for Polar Research and Monitoring in Canada.

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Data access

Access our vast collection of data

Oceanographic profilers, meteorological sensors and multibeam echo sounders are only a few examples of the core instruments of Amundsen Science. The data collected by these instruments are publicly available and contribute to expand our knowledge on the Arctic marine ecosystem and navigation safety.

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