Amundsen Science relies on the expertise and knowledge of  a cohesive team of technicians, coordinators and managers committed to maintain Canada as a global leader in the multidisciplinary and multinational scientific exploration of the changing Arctic Ocean.


At any time, we welcome spontaneous applications. Please submit your resume and a cover letter to to discuss any opportunities.

Our advantages

Working at Amundsen Science means working with oceanographers, technicians, biologists, ecologists, physicists, administrators, communicators, accountants and more. We communicate and collaborate with international partners and users from across Canada, including members of indigenous communities. If you like to learn from others and share your competences and knowledge, this is the right work environment for you.

Here are some of the advantages offered to our employees:

  • Telemedecine
  • Comprehensive benefit package
  • Collective pension plan
  • Unique work environment at sea
  • Flexible schedules
  • Paid vacations during holidays season
  • Possibility to work from home if tasks allow
  • Accumulation of days-off while working at sea

At Amundsen Science, your position evolves with you! We welcome positive new ideas and can offer courses and training to acquire new competencies. We also understand that you may nourish projects outside of work, and can accommodate personnel time-off to pursue these dreams. 

Our jobs sectors

Various opportunities at Amundsen Science



We seek versatile and competent technicians in our team to help maintain and operate our oceanographic and scientific instruments, in order to meet the needs of our scientific community on an annual basis. Technicians mostly work from the warehouse and spend time at sea during the annual Amundsen Expedition.

Administration and logistic

Experienced oceanographers and organized people make the perfect expedition planners at Amundsen Science ! All year long, the administration and logistics team plans every detail of the Annual Amundsen Expedition, makes sure we have all permits in order to sample in different waters and acts as the primary contact for expedition participants.


We are dedicated to sharing the Amundsen adventure on our different communication channels. Thus, our team is passionate to communicate science and wants to raise awareness on the changing Arctic Ocean. They also manage media relations, public relations, engage on social media and organize the annual Amundsen Science Planning Workshop.

Accounting and Human Resources

Since the organization employs more than 15 people and manages the finances of a national infrastructure, we need a team to make sure our accounts are in order and regulated, as well as someone to welcome and guide new team members.


At Amundsen Science, we know that time spent on the CCGS Amundsen is a great way to learn and gain experience. Since we have a lot of work to do before, during and after the annual Amundsen Expedition, we hire interns to help us maintain and operate our oceanographic instruments on board.

Our available positions

Be part of our team

There is no available position at the moment. At any time, we welcome spontaneous applications. Please submit your resume and a cover letter to to discuss any opportunities.

EDI principles

Our commitment to EDI principles

Amundsen Science understands that the concept of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) embraces representation from all ages, career stages and professional status, geographies, races, national, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds, marital and family status, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, and physical abilities. As part of our commitment to EDI, we aim to cultivate awareness of how assumptions impact our interactions and decision-making both internally and externally, and to develop effective strategies to remove any barriers to equity in our organization including regarding the access to the facility.

We are committed to review our practices and act upon EDI challenges in a number of ways.