Data policy and management

The data policy of Amundsen Science follows the Data Management Principles for Polar Research and Monitoring in Canada. Note that Amundsen Science will also comply with the research data management policy and strategy under development by Université Laval.

Amundsen Science Data Policy intends to:

  • Ensure proper data management of the data collection under its responsibility; and
  • Support programs and researchers collecting data aboard the Amundsen in managing their data.

Definition of Amundsen Science Data:

Datasets collected by the core instrumentation systems of the CCGS Amundsen’s pool of scientific equipment as well as those collected in partnership with programs or organizations to which Amundsen Science contribute in-kind or financially.

More precisely, the Amundsen Science Data Collection consists of:

  • Data collected with the core instrumentation of the ship’s pool of equipment funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), other public sources, or by the non-profit corporation Amundsen Science;
  • Data under the responsibility of Amundsen Science technical team based at Université Laval and at CEOS-University of Manitoba (for the CFI-funded Amundsen pool of equipment);
  • Mooring data collected in partnership with diverse programs and managed by Amundsen Science.

Data Policy Principles:

  • Use of open data to ensure the best possible accessibility;
  • Use of DOI archiving to ensure longevity and attribution;
  • Transparency in our method and progress; and
  • Continual improvement of our best practices in data management throughout the whole data life cycle:
    • Maintenance update of the Data Management Plan
    • Data acquisition protocol
    • Data safety and back-ups
    • Data Quality Assurance/Quality Control processes
    • Data archiving
    • Distribution and facilitation of data access
    • Tracking and diffusion of scientific results

Access to data

For any question, please contact: