Ship-Time application
for Media

A critical part of the mandate of Amundsen Science is the communication of the multidisciplinary research done onboard the CCGS Amundsen to the public. As such, Amundsen Science is open to proposals from media professionals in the film, television, writing, and visual arts fields, who are interested in exploring and presenting the organization’s dynamic Arctic research achievements.

Two journalist equiped with microphone and camera onboard the icebreaker CCGS Amundsen


  • The name of the media organization and primary contact;
  • An explanation of the type of media activities;
  • The expected number of party members requesting berth space aboard the CCGS Amundsen;
  • The expected dates and duration of the project aboard the vessel;
  • Any equipment/infrastructure requirements (e.g. helicopter or zodiac access);
  • A projected budget, funding sources, and list of collaborators;
  • A thorough description of the proposed project;
  • An explanation of the project’s planned media outputs, audience, and how the project will further the aims of Amundsen Science communications mandate, including increasing public awareness of the Arctic environment;
  • Letters of support from the employer, newspaper, media outlet, or production company who will be publishing the project.

Applicants should mention any related projects (past or present) and include work samples where applicable. Proposals may be written in French or English, have a maximum of 10 pages (not including work samples and budget), and be saved in .pdf or .doc format. Incomplete proposals will not be accepted.

Deadline for proposal submissions: February 28th of each year.
Please contact us for a late submission.