Rapid Seafloor Changes In The Beaufort Sea

Geological changes are usually perceived as processes taking place over long time periods. The comparison of multibeam data acquired over the last decade proves the contrary.

Paull et al. (2022) compared mapping data collected by an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) during recent surveys with the mapping data acquired from the CCGS Amundsen in 2010 using a multibeam sonar. Their results reveal rapid morphological changes, such as the development of new steep-sided depressions up to 28 m in depth, associated with submarine permafrost thawing.

The spread and extent of these changes on the Arctic shelves is still unknown, as multiple multibeam bathymetric surveys are necessary to identify the changes. Rapid seafloor changes associated with submarine permafrost thawing may be an important process that requires further investigating.

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