The CCGS Amundsen Made Her Way Back to Québec City

The CCGS Amundsen made her way back to Quebec City with new discoveries and stories to share ! After 40 days at sea from coastal Labrador Sea to Northern Baffin Bay, there were around 250 scientific operations that were realized: nets, ROV dives, moorings, CTD-Rosette, and much more.

“It has been an amazing experience to see how all the different science disciplines come together during an expedition. It was also my first time onboard a research vessel, so it was very instructive to see how my work in ocean mapping relates to the work of the other teams.”

Graham Christie, M.Sc. Eng., Student in geodesy and geomatics engineering at University of New Brunswick.

The science teams and crew members had some challenges during the expedition, but they were able to work together and face those challenges to make the most of the 2022 Amundsen Expedition. Congratulations to all and welcome home !

Stay tuned for the expedition report, it should be online in the next few weeks.


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