Sailing to Nunatsiavut in good company

The first Leg of the 2022 Amundsen Expedition is studying the coastal marine environments of Labrador Sea, from fish biology to chemistry cycles using various advanced technologies. The expedition is also a great training opportunity to learn about Nunatsiavut and Inuit culture.

The five Inuit communities of Labrador are located on a territorial area called Nunatsiavut, which means Our Beautiful Land. The teams are very fortunate to have Michelle Saunders and Carla Pamak onboard, who both work for the Nunatsiavut Research Centre. In addition to helping with scientific operations, they continue to guide the research objectives of the expedition and to share their culture and history.

Nakummek! (Thank you!)

Carla (left) and Michelle (right) during the visit of Hebron, a settlement that was closed by the government and missionaries in 1959. The area is still visited and used by Inuit people.


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