Research Results Rewarded!

Quebec-Ocean announced today the recipients of different annual scientific publication awards. Among the awarded articles, we note the presence of two publications resulting directly from oceanographic campaigns carried out on board the CCGS Amundsen.

The 2021 Student Publication Excellence Award was given to Laure Vilgrain, a PhD student at Laval University. Using thousands of images collected by an advanced imaging system called Underwater Vision Profiler during the Green Edge campaign (CCGS Amundsen, 2016) and new analysis techniques, she documented how copepod life resumes with the return of spring sunshine and phytoplankton growth. It should be recalled that this research had also been nominated by the Sea Foundation and the Ocean Institute (France) in 2021. The full article is available here.

The 2021 Joint Publication Award was presented to Philippe Massicotte, research professional at Laval University for the Takuvik International Joint Unit, and to his numerous co-authors. The paper presents the results of a joint effort to compile and standardize data sets collected during the MALINA oceanographic expedition (CCGS Amundsen, 2009) to facilitate their reuse in other studies of Arctic Ocean evolution. The full paper is available here.

Congratulations to all!