2018 Expeditions

Two significant expeditions were undertaken. The first, the Odyssée St-Laurent expedition, occurred within the St. Lawrence estuary, spanning from February 9th to 23rd. The second was the annual Arctique Expedition. On May 25th, the CCGS Amundsen left Québec City for a 128-day in the Hudson bay and the Canadian Arctic in support of several research programs. Among programs on board wereArcticNet annual marine-based research program, BaySys, a project that aims a better understanding of variability and change of freshwater-marine coupling in the Hudson Bay System, Vulnerable Marine Ecosystem ROV Program, Sentinel North BOND, BriGHT and PhD School projects as well as Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO).


days at sea

19 072

nautical miles travelled

Odyssée St-Laurent – Québec Maritime Network (9- 23 February) Québec City to Matane
LEG 1 – BaySys-ArcticNet (25 May – 5 July) Québec City to Churchill
LEG 2A – Sentinel North BriGHT/BaySys (5 – 13 July) Churchill to Iqaluit
LEG 2B – Sentinel North Ph.D. School and BOND project (13 – 24 July) Iqaluit to Iqaluit
LEG 2C – Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems ROV projects/DFO/ArcticNet (24 July – 16 August) Iqaluit to Resolute Bay
LEG 3 – Kitikmeot Marine Ecosystems Study/ArcticNet (16 August – 7 September) Resolute Bay to Québec City