2014 Expedition

On July 8th, the CCGS Amundsen left the port of Québec City for the 2014 Amundsen Expedition to the Canadian Arctic in support of several research programs. The main objective of the expedition was to maintain ArcticNet’s network of oceanic observatories by deploying 10 moorings and recovering 6 moorings in the Western Arctic. ArcticNet’s ultimate goal is to redeploy 3 of the 6 moorings recovered in Barrow Canyon to establish long-term marine observatories for monitoring present variability and forecasting future change in Arctic ecosystems. In addition to work conducted at the mooring stations, shipboard sampling was carried out along the ship track and at designated sampling stations, including seafloor and ice island mapping, ROV diving, meteorological measurements and the sampling of seawater, sediment, plankton, juvenile fish and sea ice.


days at sea

20 094

nautical miles traveled

LEG 1A – ArcticNet/NETCARE (8 – 24 July) Québec City to Resolute
LEG 1B – ArcticNet (24 July – 14 August) Resolute to Kugluktukwa
LEG 2A – ArcticNet/BREA (14 August – 9 September) Kugluktuk to Barrow, Alaska
LEG 2B – ArcticNet/Japan (9 – 25 September) Barrow, Alaska to Kugluktuk
LEG 3 – ArcticNet (25 September – 11 October) Kugluktuk to Québec City