Absolutely Canadian – Qanuilirpitaa?

Absolutely Canadian – Qanuilirpitaa?

September 29, 2021

The health survey Qanuilirpitaa? (How are we now?) was carried out in 2017, when the CCGS Amundsen was transformed into a clinic to visit the 14 communities of Nunavik. A team of 40 people was on board for seven weeks to collect health data in the region in order to improve programs and services.

The documentary Qanuilirpitaa? How Are We Now? broadcasted on Absolutely Canadian follows the interviewer Lydia Audlaluk through this survey which addresses sensitive subjects and revives painful memories for some, but also allows finding solutions.

The results of the health survey are available here.

Watch the documentary Qanuilirpitaa? How Are We Now?