Amundsen Science in the media!

Amundsen Science in the media!

March 22, 2023

Amundsen Science team members and collaborators have been featured in different media platforms. During last summer’s expedition, we had the pleasure of welcoming Jane Adey and her Land & Sea team aboard the Canadian Coast Guard vessel Amundsen. Thanks to the footage they captured, the interviews they conducted and the journalistic work of them and their colleagues, we are able to further present the cultural and scientific activities planned by Amundsen Science and carried out during this previous expedition on different media platforms.

?️ Find out more about the scientific operations that took place on board during the 2022 expedition (episode 12 & 13 of Land& Sea):

? Learn more about the scientific research conducted on the icebreaker:

? Learn more about the contribution of Nunatsiavut Government employees on board in 2022: